How To Do Social Bookmarking That Helps Your Site For SEO

How to do Social Bookmarking that helps your site for SEO In order to be successful online. In trying to achieve this, most website owners pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to SEO companies for professional SEO services. These services includes on-site and offsite seo optimization. The exorbitant amount charged is often paid for happily by the website owners because they get effective results in return. However, if only those people could take out some time to learn how they too can learn SEO themselves by reading online tutorials and practicing on them, they will be very successful.

This however is not a trial and error thing, if you really want the best result for your website, it’s better for you to invest some money on your to optimize your website or blog. This investment will give you multiple benefits over and over again with time. As we go on in this write-up, many strategies will be discoursed on how to optimize a website to bring it at top in major search engines using one of the best SEO strategies known as Social Bookmarking which comes under Off Page SEO.


Social Bookmarking


To optimize your site successfully, you have to keep bookmarking it over and over again. Most people that are new online ignore this strategy because of either or all the following reasons.


  • They are not aware about Social Bookmarking.
  • They lack the knowledge of how to social bookmarking for seo.
  • They often feel as if feel it as submitting links on various social bookmarking sites for seo is a complete waste of time.


For whatever reason, social bookmarking is too important to ignore.  In today’s article, our focus will be on Social Bookmarking, how it works in SEO and what its benefits are to your website.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is art of pinning down a particular url or webpages online such as to enable us re-visit later from any other location as long as we are connected to the internet. Therefore, in order to be successful with social bookmarking, you need to know how to do Social Bookmarking that helps your site for SEO

Why Do We Do Social Bookmarking?

Ordinarily, when we surf the internet in search of information, we often bookmark some web pages in our browser so that we can return back and read them later without surfing the internet again. However, if for any reason our browser get crashed, our system get re-formatted, or our computer settings changed,  if we are not with the same computer we save our bookmarks, chances are that, we can’t access them.

In order to access these sites, we have to go online and surf the internet once again so that we can get to those pages. To overcome the issue of having to loose bookmarked pages, social bookmarking comes inn. Therefore, Social Bookmarking is when you pin your urls in the social bookmarking sites for future reference. This is done by first of all registering with Social Bookmarking sites, then login and bookmark your url for future reference from any location using any computer which is connected by the internet.


How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?


The primary reason of bookmarking is to pin down a link we intend to re-visit. Because social bookmarking sites have a high regard in the search engine, the web pages we bookmarked are considered as a quality backlink by the search engines.


These quality backlinks helps to increase your site/blog traffic as well the page rank of your site on Google. This is the reason why SEO professionals include Social Bookmaking in their search engine optimization practices.


How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO?


Doing SB is not a tough job. Everyone can do it after learning how to do it.


First you have to collect a list of top social bookmarking sites so that you can easily start with. You can use the list of Social Bookmarking sites I provide below to start your back-linking campaign.

Below are top 20 Social Bookmarking sites and their page-rank:

  •            9
  •                8
  •      8
  •               8
  •            8
  •             8
  •                      7
  •                    7
  •          7
  •           7
  •                  7
  •             7
  •          7
  •               7
  •     7
  •           7
  •                 7
  •          7
  •            6
  •                 6

Example of How to Bookmark


In this tutorial, I will use


Go to StumbleUpon.coExample of How to Bookmark


In this tutorial, I will use


Go to

Create an a new account with then or you can also log in with your facebook account.

Click on the drop down arrow along with your username at the top right corner and choose Add a Page.

Add a page.

Now fill the form with the required information about your web page like web page address, category, tags etc and click on Add This Page button.

Add this page

You are done!

The SB submission should be done properly so that your website or blog so that you don’t get penalised because, like I said earlier, wrong SEO can ruin your blog ranking.

There are lot of things which we should keep in mind during submission. Check how to do social bookmarking effectively. Thanks! 🙂


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