How Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Will Make You Huge Money in 2018. Yes, you got the gist. 2018 promises to be an exciting year for cryptocurrency business and kucoin is rolling out mouth-watering offers you can’t afford to miss.

At the moment exchanges like Binance are becoming very popular and watching discord chat rooms and forum posts, it is becoming clear that people are starting to move away from the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Bittrex in favor of smaller exchanges for fewer fees and faster deposit and withdrawals. For instance, some people have to wait days to just get their funds into some of the major exchanges or out. This is a disaster if you know that in the next few minutes a dip or opportunity will occur.

I came across this one exchange two weeks ago by accident from looking at the coin itself on coinmarketcap and it is called KuCoin. Did some research into it and at the time the volume was only $14m a day where today it is at $446m at time of writing. The volume has skyrocketed and it is going to go up a lot more.

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So here is why I bought in just to sum it up:


  1. They pay you out a share of the fees that is accumulated on the site from each trade. It is 40% at the moment but will drop down next year to 15% depending on how much of the KuCoin Shares you own.
  2. They want to list 1000 plus coins as soon as possible.
  3. The team behind the exchange is dedicated and wants to become the number one exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  4. They are adding new coins every week and the team is active.
  5. They have a voting system on what coins should get listed. However, this costs 0.1 KCS for a vote but is pooled and a winner is drawn from the whole pool to take it all at the end of the vote. I think this is a nice touch because you can’t just spam votes and you have a chance of getting a lot of KCS. It also lets people participate more.
  6. They are burning KCS coins making the KCS coins you hold more value. This is great because the overall max supply of KCS coins is extremely low at only 91,043,076.


I got the KuCoin shares for under a dollar and thought I would keep them to see what happens.  I was surprised that the next morning I had small fraction amounts of every coin listed on the exchange.

After 20 days this is what I have available and this is not all of it only what I could fit in the screen just to give you an idea of what KCS does.

Before you think that this is not so great think about his for a second:


  1. The volume doubled in 2 weeks.
  2. The price of the coin(KCS) itself more than doubled going from 0.5 USD to 1.3 USD
  3. The price of most the coins on their platform is also increasing for instance Substratum, Oyster Pearl, Solaris, Neo, VeChain etc.
  4. If one of these cryptocurrencies become really successful and the price goes up to $1000 your passive income where you might have a fraction of the coin might be worth a lot. This is very likely to happen considering cryptocurrency is in its infancy and the coins also are brand new and gaining traction. And KuCoin is planning on listing a lot in a short span of time. You might even have a few full coins by then if it happens.
  5. The amount you receive is going to increase as time goes by making this an excellent investment (my personal opinion). Even when they drop the return from 40% to 15% by then that 15% is going to generate way more than the 40% you might be getting now until the next couple of months.
  6. The exchange is brand new since 24th October 2017.
  7. On market crashes, KuCoin shares are not badly affected.
  8. KuCoin only has 159 pairs tradable at the moment which is already more than most exchanges and they are ranked 16th for volume in the world.


Here are my pros and cons:


+ This exchange is new, so buying the KuCoin Shares is fairly cheap for now.

+ Your potential for returns is huge.

+ Transactions are super-fast.

+ Fees are super at low 0.1%.

+ Interesting voting system. Some people behind a coin will do airdrops where they will give you coins for voting for their coin on KuCoin.

+ You have a chance to win a lot of KCS (KuCoin Shares) from every vote.

+ You get your share of the volume daily.

+ The graphs show market depth.

+ I have not experienced any bugs or downtime.

+ They have a good rewards system for referrals.

+ If you have Neo they pay you daily in gas.



– The graphs are not the best.

– Fiat is not listed on their roadmap.

– They will reduce the share from 40% down to 15% for KCS tokens.



I think this is a solid long-term investment best suited for people that can set and forget it.

Overall rating for this exchange: 9/10


Here is my referral link to their page, please click it if you found this useful. I would appreciate it immensely!


Just an update as of 11/01/2018 as you can see the price of KCS has shot up to $20 USD and the volume of the exchange is up to $446,497,994 ranking it now as number 16 in the world based on marketcap. This is what I predicted but it is not going to stop here and is going to continue to $40 for KCS and it is well on its way to being top 10. This is an excellent time to jump into cryptocurrency and diverse your portfolio automatically via KCS shares. Remember this exchange is only a few months old and its volume can increase further to 10x meaning your share will 10x too. There is also rumours that KuCoin and Binance will team up. If this ever happens remember that Binance at the moment is the top exchange in the world with the highest volume.


If you want to signup directly goto:


Disclaimer: This is not financial or investment advice. Do your own research. I am not a financial advisor this is my personal opinion and is for educational purposes only. Do not invest more than you can afford or are willing to lose.

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